Best Routers With VPN – Security And Gaming Perspective

Best Routers With VPN – Security And Gaming Perspective

You definitely wish to surf the web anonymously and the ultimate way is to use a private connection. There are a lot of apps which let you surf the internet anonymously but is your internet connection secure? You can only secure your device using a vpn but the internet connection is still under the risk. Here are the best routers with vpn which can be used to have a secure browsing over the network.

Why Securing Router With Vpn And Why Best Routers With Vpn?

Cyber crimes are rising in peaks with digitalisation. Smallest of the smallest details we share on internet can create a lot of problems. For any hacker, this information can act as a bridge to your internet life from personal to professional.

The mechanism of data sharing on internet is done in the form of packets. If you don’t use a secure VPN then these packets can be sniffed and be used for wrong doings. When you use a VPN, the packet is sent through a secure gateway and no one except the receiver can have access to it.

No doubt there are number of encryption techniques which can be used to secure your packets. These encryptions can be decoded if the intruder is smart enough. Therefore, in my personal opinion it is a great choice to use vpn to secure your private information.

Securing your device with a vpn can protect a single strand of communication each time. Securing your whole network can secure all of your devices and their communication from man in the middle attack.

Router is an access point for any network. All the packets are forwarded to their destination using the router table. Therefore, it is necessary to secure your router at the first point using a vpn. How can you secure using a vpn? Use a router which has inbuilt vpn facility.

List of Best routers with vpn – Secure your Connection for all the devices

Asus RT-AC88U – The ultimate Wifi router

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  • 11ac dual band
  • 4×4 antennas
  • Router App
  • Built in game accelerator
  • Triple strength network security
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Link aggregation
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • AiMesh Supported

The asus RT-AC88U is the ultimate wifi router; it has 802.11 ac dual-band which boost internet speed up to 3167 Mbps. This is very helpful for low latency online gaming, smooth 4K playback and extensive file sharing.

The asus router is exceptionally designed with 4×4 antennas and AiRadar beam forming technology which are better than any other normal wifi range.

Asus router AC88U can eb configured using a single app which is available for all the mobile devices. This let you configure the router on the go without any traditional hassle. There is no more need to type your router address, login and then configure settings. Everything is on the go with available mobile app.

Although this router has no vpn pre installed but it can be configured with one. It is simple and easy to set it up and secures all the devices in your network. It has pre configured game accelerator to provide smooth multiplayer online game. You can watch a 4K quality movie on the same time while playing online game without any trouble.

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Triple network security assures you from any kind of security breach in your network. Also, the router provides robotic parental control and privacy protection on all of your data.

One of the best part about having this router, you can connect multiple devices and all will draw up to maximum of 2Gbps if subscribed for with extensive connectivity.

MU-MIMO devices can connect with each other with maximum of speeds and multiple asus routers can be connected together to form a stronger network. The router is IPV6 compatible and best in performance. In my opinion it is one of the best routers with vpn.

D-Link AC5300 – Smart home security

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  • 4GHz dual core
  • 4×4 data streams
  • MU-MIMO devices
  • Smart Connect
  • Advanced AC smart beam
  • Tri-Band
  • 11 Ac Wi-Fi
  • Traffic Polarization
  • My D-Link lite app
  • Parental control and Wi-Fi encryption

D-Link AC5300 the router designed for smart home security and network booster. The router is configured with 1.4GHz core processor. This provides faster processing power for supporting apps.

The throughput is increased using 4 Simultaneous data streams which allow faster data transmission over the network. Throughput is one of the significant parameters for the best networking experience.

MU-MIMO technology allows for multiple device connection providing the same speed. This allows high bandwidth wifi signal sharing between multiple speeds without any deterioration.

Smart connect allocates possible band for optimal performance and advanced AC smart beam for faster reliable connection. Tri band allows you to have access to two 5GHz and one 2.4GHz bands.

With smart beam forming it turns out to be one of the best routers with vpn. Although, it does not have built in vpn but it can be configured. The security encryption protects your data over the network.

11 AC Wi-Fi gives you fastest wi-fi speeds and 1GHz processor for reliable transmission. The router covers most part of the area and 8 external antennas amplify the signals.

The advance system distributes the traffic optimally across both the wireless bands and decreased congestion. It is easy to install and setup can be done using mobile application. The parental control feature restricts kids from wrongly using the internet and also the secure encryption provides data security. It is a DLNA device which let you connect not only mobile or laptops but also other devices like gaming consoles and Tvs.

Hate sharing passwords with friends? The guest network is available on this router and require zero configuration for connecting devices. With all new interface and advanced technology, it is for sure one of the best routers with vpn connectivity.

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 – Connecting world at secure and high speed connection

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  • 11ac standard
  • 75Gbps of total available bandwidth
  • Guest Network Access
  • Easy setup and management
  • FTP server media sharing / Storage sharing
  • Parental control
  • IPV6 support
  • Quality service

TP link is excelling the router industry from many years and they have now bought up their special in the market. The router supports 802.11ac standards and provides 1.75GBps of total bandwidth. Although it is a bit lesser than Asus and D-Link, it is reliable in comparision and setup.

You don’t need to change the wifi password again and again once you have shared. Using TP-Link feature of Guest session, you can roll up the sleeves and get relaxed.

Everything is on the finger tips with easy setup and installation management. Using this router you can share heavy FTP files over the network using a single USB slot.

Parental control allows you to restrict certain features for your kids. You can monitor their activity and protect them from the known of internet. As very well known for the quality, this router maintains the standards. The quality of service is reliable and doubted in the performance.

It provides an inbuilt vpn client facility and supports IPV6 compatibility. The numbers of LAN ports available are four and are DD-WRT compatible.

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