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Windows has always been prone to malware and virus attack compared to other operating systems. The reason behind this is quite simple, the familiarity of IBM. The structure of windows operating is gets easily affected with malwares and ransomwares. The recent attack which locked down almost every second office in business industry was based on windows. It gets tough for window’s in-built security system to handle sophisticated codes of ransomware. Now the concern is how to secure your sensitive information from such attackers? Let’s look at best antivirus free 2019 which will increase protection layers of your windows system.

Bitdefender – best antivirus free trial

best antivirus free 2018 bitdefender

It is one of the consistent antiviruses for windows over years performing depth virus scans. It monitors your system in the best way possible. Automatically scans your files and can be scheduled to perform full scan.

The complete protection premium is worthy buying. Bitdefender provide two schemes for users; Home and business.

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Above all Home scheme provides security for smart home and complete protection over all the virus attacks. Security for Mac and Android protection is part of this package.

By the same token business package consist of protection layers which provide encryption for bank transactions and anonymous browsing. This package also includes protection against ransomware and advance persistent threats. It secures all the end points and provides integrated security for all the systems logged in with this subscription.

Kaspersky – Born in hackers own country

best antivirus free virus protection kaspersky

Kaspersky antivirus is the most familiar antivirus after avast. Well known for business enterprises this product is the most reliable. It is available in three packages small, medium and large depending on the type of industry and enterprise using it.

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At the same time it‘s prime focus is to provide online security and encryption. It performs various depth scans and notably provides multi layer protection over the in-built security.

Along with windows protection, Kaspersky provides security for Mac and Android devices. on the positive side with parental controls it also secures digital life of children over internet.


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Malwarebytes – Best of protection

best antivirus free malwarebytes

Impact of ransomware was no less than havoc in past year. Malwarebyte is a anti malware company which provides security against ransomware, malware and other advanced online threats.

However in the same fashion it provides end point protection and incident responses. Along with attack protection it also concerns with remediation after attack.

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Moreover Malwarebytes provides high security and reliable real time protection. Although this may be true, it is still considered as a anti malware and not an antivirus.

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