Must Use Free Secure VPN For Smartphones

Must Use Free Secure VPN For Smartphones

Virtual private network (VPN) is a technique used for encrypting your data when connected to public internet connections in order to protect sensitive data from government and ISP. VPN is majorly used by corporate employees to protect sensitive corporate data from government and also by common people to protect their credentials from intruders. While VPN are so practical it is very essential to exercise secure vpn services and free secure vpn are available for usage.

Tunnel bear

best vpn providers

Key specifications

Servers: 1000

Sever locations: Above 20 countries

I/P address: Not available

Supports: Maximum of 5 devices

Key point: Only VPN with independent security audit

Tunnel bear is one of the most recommended VPN service among the list. It supports worldwide network of 20+ countries which are the fastest servers. It is a free secure vpn and has an award winning lightning speed service. Tunnel bear let you connect public wifi with complete security and handles improper connection issues. The best part about the tunnel bear is the vigilant mode which ranks it in top for free secure vpn list. With vigilant mode, when there is a loss in connection Tunnel bear blocks all the unsecure traffic till the connection is again established securely.

best free secure vpn

Tunnel bear is always on and does not log any of the traffic which customers are transporting over the internet.  Another user friendly feature which lets tunnel bear choose a free secure vpn server just in case you have no idea about it. Tunnel bear uses high encryption technique AES 256 encryption when you are connected to any of the tunnel bear servers. This is why most of the customer’s worldwide use this free secure vpn service for their work. Apart from business employees, common people, students and institutions can also use this best vpn software for work purposes.

With downloading the software you get 500MB free data while tweeting about tunnel bear let you have 1GB extra data on vpn service. You can connect up to 5 devices and also you have an option for ghost bear which makes your data less detectable to government and ISP.


User friendly

Available for both mobile and desktop

Vigilant mode

Only VPN with independent security audit


Less setting options

Speed issues

No Netflix and Torrent

Hotspot shield

free secure vpn hotspot

Key specifications

Server locations: 25

Maximum devices: 5

Hotspot shield is a free secure vpn and protects your data connection with choices of 25 countries. Hotspot shield provides a secure connection over 25 countries while this is more compared to tunnel bear it is still not better when compared to performance and usage.

Hotspot shield has 600 million active users over the period while the flashback experiences are not negotiable. In past history allegations on hotspot shield vpn claim that company has been selling data to third party. This is one of the most negative points about hotspot shield vpn service.

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Free secure vpn Hotspot shield supports over 25 country locations which enhances its positivity. With limit of 500MB per day it displays ads which may be annoying to some users. The premium version is considerably expensive but hotspot shield provides discount on the official site. Also with free version only device can be connected while the premium version let you connect up to 5 devices.



Commanding encryption

Quick securing


Limited for 500MB/day


Too many Ads


free vpn

Key specifications

Large network

Bank grade encryption

Time zone spoofing

Server over 55 countries and 100 cities

Strongest encryption claimed by hosting company

Windscribe is one of the most popular VPN service providers; it provides free secure VPN with great features. It has large network zone all over the world. It has simple clients based system and stores no logs regarding any traffic. Generate OpenVPN, IKEv2 and SOCKS configuration for all your devices with configuration facilities provided which is truly a better choice any VPN could ever have.  SOCKS allow you to change your static and dynamic IP address for security purposes. This is majorly used by ethical and non ethical hackers.

Generous free plans are available but with limit and restrictions. The premium plan is a bit expensive but once you start loving the free plan it really won’t matter to buy premium.

The desktop features are no less in count. It comes in with pre activated firewall and flexible connectivity for desktop usage. Also you can turn your computer into secure wifi hotspot router and let connect other devices. Also adding toppings to this dish, it also creates proxy server on your network for other devices. This helps in securing the connection from external interference and misuse. The data traffic is sent over AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key combination for a secure and strong encryption interface.

Time zone spoofing sets your time clock to the connected server to set a complete secure connection and bluff. While the browser extensions are just remarkable with few more add ons like Cookie monster and split personality. Cookie monster keeps track of cookies sent while split personality rotates user agent to avoid fingerprinting. Double hop is a feature exclusively provided by the free secure vpn Windscribe for the valuable customers. Through double hop the user gets a proxy connection from any two servers from the Windscribe network. Ad block is also available with the Windscribe account along with cruise control which helps you in selecting a suitable vpn server for you.


The amazing time spoofing technique

Cruise control for suitable server connection

Strongest encryption

No activity logs


Moderately Expensive

Self-effacing speed

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Key specifications

Servers: 30 and above

Server location: 20 and above

IP address: Not available

Maximum device support: 5

Speedify is one the best VPN available in the market for its best features and user performance. Speedify uses channel bonding for increasing speed and reducing latency. Channel bonding is a technique where all the possible internet connections are bonded to provide increased bandwidth.

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Better streaming and gaming experiences can be observed with this free secure vpn. It also broadens the coverage area across 28 countries network to provide better and best services. With ChaCha- or AES-based encryption algorithm used by Speedify the host claims that even the hackers can’t jump and snoop into the traffic. While the algorithm secures the connection it also improves performance 3X compared to other VPN providers.

It has automatic failovers and vigilant modes for securing at loss of internet connection and no doubt it doesn’t store user logs.


Both internet speed boosting and VPN in single pack

No download limit

Virtual IP addresses

Concrete Encryption

Measure against DNS leaks


Blocked by Netflix

Limited support

Low server count


best vpn

Key specifications

Number of servers: 249

Server location: 19 countries

IP address: Not available

Maximum device support: 5

291 GBPS capacity

The most amazing secure VPN service provider based in Switzerland. ProtonVPN has very strong encryption code to protect traffic from external approach. With algorithm and code along with AES-256, key exchange is done with 2048-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA256 is used for message authentication.  The security is so well arranged that the encrypted and decrypted data cannot be accessed if the security key is compromised due to any reason.

In addition to strong encryption, since the company is based in Switzerland Proton VPN is protected against US and EU jurisdiction and laws. This enhances the security as ProtonVPN cannot be concerned in spying like other VPN providers by any force or appeal.

ProtonVPN doesn’t store logs but you can track the services being run on the connection. This makes the VPN more powerful for users. DNS leak can be avoided and also it comes in with pre loaded kill switch which terminate all the tasks when the server is lost.

It helps you in being anonymous with perfection and is easy to use. It also provides high speed and broader bandwidth which makes it more reliable. ProtonVPN provides unlimited bandwidth and 10 devices can be connected with modern interface.


Strong Encryption

Excellent speed

Unlimited bandwidth

Built in kill switch

DNS leak protection

No logs recording


Does not accept bitcoin

No live chat

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