Best Linux OS For Beginners in 2021

Windows being compatible for users with object interface, it also promotes limitations. Linux is open-source operating software that helps develop, analyze, and many more options to simplify work. Linux is having a lot of operating software versions, from red hat Linux to Kali. Among these options, people who have stepped into Linux get confused with the best Linux OS for beginners.

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Let us first understand the basic difference between windows and Linux. To simplify things, windows is an object interface software; it performs easier tasks for graduates, office workers, small-scale businesses, and student objectifying task performers.

Linux allows you to perform tasks that are not allowed or have been limited by operating software providers. It deals with a series of commands and helps in performing various tasks such as penetrating, reforming other software, developing to the core, analyzing, and hacking.

Which Linux OS for Beginners?

The best part about Linux; it is open-source software. This enhances the power of Linux in many ways. Many tools that users are developing can be available to all Linux users.

Ubuntu – The Must

best linux os

No doubt, the most recommended Linux operating software for students is Ubuntu. This operating software is especially for new users. In addition to Ubuntu, students have ease in an interface, and design makes things more simplified. Furthermore, it comes with an easy installation procedure and is number 1 on the list.

Linux Mint – Elegant and Simple

linux distribution for beginners

All the newbies will find this operating software useful and captivating because of its elegance in style and design. This operating software is built on an Ubuntu base and has organized categories. It is fast on older computers and is pretty much lovable by people who hate upgrading to windows 8 from windows 7. The interface is just amazing and touchy.

Zorin – Windows 7 Interface

best linux os

All things considered, Zorin operating software is more about its design rather than application. This is the most useful interface you can have for people who want to shift from Windows to Linux. If you struggle with commands and complications and still want to use a part of Linux, this is a good choice. Above all, it provides a similar interface to Windows 7.

Elementary – Mac Like Interface

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Elementary OS provides a Mac theme that takes back to first principles for Mac users. Meanwhile, you can retouch your habit with more operations on Elementary OS.


Linux is a powerful operating system and can do a lot of tasks. You are keen to learn programming languages and work with machines on a code level; these are the best Linux OS for you. Besides, Ubuntu is the most recommended Linux operating system for beginners.

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