Dell Precision Laptops By Linux

Dell Precision Laptops By Linux

In the first place, laptops powered by Linux operating system are the most essential asset any developer can have. Ubuntu brings up dell precision laptops creating opportunities for developers to test their results and perform with accuracy. While the up gradation of laptops are growing with pace on the peak, it turns out to be one of the important aspect to get developer laptops in the picture. Things get simplified for developers when opportunities are in creation for growth.

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By April 2019, single exclusive Linux powered developer edition fit into the market place. The laptop is named as dell precision 3530 which is freeloaded with Linux operation software and developer options enabled.

Crunch specifications of Dell precision laptops:


By the start of July 2019, Ubuntu pops up with some more creativity and improvements to get 2 new developer laptops. These laptops are Dell precision 7530 and 7730. The most captivating part about these laptops is simplicity with extraordinary features.

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The latest developer model includes charm specifications such as 128GB memory unit and processor speed of 3200MHz. Another ice candy is 6TB of hard drive memory on 7530 and 8TB on the 7730 models respectively.

Along with a longer battery life Ubuntu manages to hold on the resolution settings. The user can change resolution up to 4K quality without losing colours. The external eGPU fascinate the graphic properties and take all the eye balls. Moreover thunderbolt 3 connectivity simplifies the work. 7530 model is hard 15inch in size and 7730 taking away more perks with 17 inches.

Canonical Ubuntu quotes:

When it comes to pure power, these machines are unmatched. In fact, the 7730 is also the first AI/ML ready mobile workstation available on the market. Both models feature 8th generation Intel Core and Xeon Processors with up to 6 cores as well as AMD Radeon Pro and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics.