12 Best Free Online Courses With Printable Certificates 2021

It is always good to learn and learning should not be always paid. Are you looking for free online courses with printable certificates? I listed out the best online university courses and it is all for free. You don’t have to pay money or an upfront cost or hidden charges to get your certificates or start learning. 

1. Alison | Free Online Courses with Printable Certificates

online courses for free

Alison is one of the best places to learn for free. Here you can browse over 1350+ free online courses with printable certificates. You can straightaway download them for free when complete the course. 

With Alison, you can learn from industry experts and get the right knowledge for the best business opportunities. In these series of online courses, you can learn in top domains for free. This includes IT, Business, Language, Health, Marketing, math, and many more.

Most of the courses are certificates and diploma based and you can check if the course you are enrolling in provides you a digital certificate. You can also get the hard copy of the certificate which is paid. 

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14 Million learners and 2 Million graduates (diploma) review Alison as one of the best free platforms to take online courses and also get a certificate. 

2. Digital Garage by Google | Free Digital Marketing course with certificate

online course for digital marketing

We use Google for the smallest of information, to buy things, solve a problem, get more information, and a lot more. But, do you know that Google provides you fully-fledged online courses for free.

Most of these courses are certified for free and some of these courses also include free partner courses. 

One of my favorite courses from the digital garage is the free online digital marketing course. Here is a brief about “why you need to take Google’s digital marketing course?

Free Digital Marketing course with certificate | Google Digital garage

We are seeing a shift in marketing over a few years now. Everything we need is readily available with a few single clicks and all of this because of digital marketing. Brands tell us stories and create lead generations for themselves and how do we build a brand? With the right marketing strategies. 

If you are opting for paid courses online for digital marketing then let me suggest you complete the digital marketing free certificate course by Google first. This course will make you perfect in basics and then you can make your custom techniques. 

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Google’s free digital marketing course is an online course with a free printable certificate. This certificate helps you build your digital marketing CV, develop a career, and find a job

Here, you get 26 modules designed by top industry professionals aiming to provide quality education on a digital marketing course. This covers basics on making web presence, organic search, advertising, social media and mobile marketing, Email marketing, display advertising, video marketing, and a lot more.  

You need to take 40 minutes online exam to get this free certificate after completing the free online course. 

I suggest you opt for Google’s free digital marketing course and you will start seeing the results once you start adapting their techniques and methods. 

3. edX | Free Online Courses by Harvard University, MIT, and more

edx online courses

Do you know that edX provides you more than 2500 free courses? These courses are also offered by university partners such as MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley, Boston, and many more. 

Here you can find courses on subjects such as computer science, language, data science, business management, humanities, engineering, and more. 

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It is one great spot to learn university courses for free and the best part is top industry professionals partner with these courses. Some big partners who contribute to this course platform are Microsoft, MIT, Boston University, and more. 

The certificate price easily ranges from 30$ – 300$ and is verified and genuine certificates.

4. Oxford Home Study (Management and Non-technical )

free online courses with certification

One big problem on the internet is difficult to find non-technical courses such as management, accounting, and more for free. But our list of best free online courses with professional certificates also lists out the best management and non-technical courses.

Oxford home study lets you study from their limited but quality programs for free. These courses include the following – 

  • Business Management 
  • Construction Management
  • Customer Service
  • Event management 
  • Hotel Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Marketing 
  • Accounting and finance
  • Teaching assistant 

These are only 10 of the courses we listed for you. On the oxford home study, you can find more than 40+ online courses for free and related to management and more. 

On completion of these courses, you are awarded a university course completion letter by Oxford Home study college which can be used for higher studies, purse promotion, or a new career path and also start a business.

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This course completion letter will be emailed to you once you complete the course. The best part about having these free online courses is the structure and quality of these courses. Usually, the online courses run for weeks but Oxford Home study provides courses that run for a few hours, so you can quickly complete a course and jump to other courses. 

5. OpenLearn (Great for lifestyle)

online free courses

It is one of the best websites to get quality education on a better lifestyle for free. With more than 1000+ free online courses, you get certified in domains such as health, science, Languages, Money, and many more subjects. 

You don’t need to have an OpenLearn account to learn these free courses, you can even download the courses in PDF format for free

If you are looking for a PDF online converters, you can try our best picks on here

One of the other advantages of using OpenLearn is you get to choose the courses based on the level of difficulty. This is simply great if you want to learn basics or advance accordingly. 

What about the free certificates? 

When you create your free account and use it for learning, you can track the progress of your courses. Also, you can download the free professional certificate for the statement of participation. 

OpenLearn is partners with well-known industry giants such as Google and BBC. All the courses are designed by industry experts and are full of quality. 

6. Microsoft Learning – Online courses with Printable Certificate

online courses with certification free

If you are looking for excelling in Microsoft products such as Azure and other fundamentals then this is the best I recommend. Using Microsoft learning, you can take free online courses on Microsoft products and also get certified from Microsoft.

You get more than 30+ free and paid certification courses. To obtain a certificate, you need to pass the certification exam by Microsoft at the end of the online courses. 

With a Microsoft account, you can complete all the courses and build your resume, career path, and work for industries with Microsoft specialty. 

7. Facebook Blueprint – Free Online course

free online courses with certificates

Similar to tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Facebook also has its very own learning platform. 

On Facebook blueprint, you can learn with more than 400+ mini-courses designed for marketing with Facebook, Instagram marketing, ads, lead generations, in-store sales, and many more. 

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The Facebook catalog for online courses is quite interesting and fascinating. All the courses are minified into smaller modules such that you learn your requirements. 

Also in this series of online courses, all the modules are divided into levels from beginners to advance. You can choose from more than 400 courses and also get certified by Facebook. 

To obtain the certificate you need to pass an exam at the end of the course and if you clear it, you will have the certificate from Facebook. 

8. Coursera | Free online courses with certificates 

online free courses

If you are wondering why Coursera is in the list of free online courses with printable professional certificates then let me tell you that Coursera provides free online courses too. 

Coursera provides courses in partnership with top universities. The free online courses include top subjects such as Machine learning, fashion as Design, Brand Management, and more. Most of these courses include professional certificates, financial aid, and similar courses. 

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On the course page, you can find additional information regarding how this course will benefit you. Also, you get a certification at the end of the course, and usually, these courses are having approximately 50 hours for completion. 

All the courses are divided into 3-4 weeks of course. These courses are in video formats and overall, they are great for online learning. 

9. BitDegree – Free Online Certifications

free course online

BitDegree is one of my personal favorites to learn online. I also prefer BitDegree to learn to code online. It consists of a ton of free online courses with certificates and all of these courses are made to meet the business opportunities. 

It is simple to learn and get a certificate from BitDegree. You need to sign up and choose a course. Once you have chosen the course, get started with the videos, assignments, and practical implementation. 

After completion of the course, certificates will be sent through the mail and then you can opt for other free courses. 

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All the courses are designed into modules and hours such that it is convenient for you to study. Also, you can choose a course based on user reviews, ratings, and difficulty levels

There is a wide range of subjects to enroll in this free online course. These include blockchain, design, business, marketing, IT, coding, and more courses. 

10. Open Learning | Online courses

free online certifications

Open Learning is the next best online course platform for learning quality knowledge. They have both the free and paid certification courses but more importantly, it is the knowledge they give. 

The courses are flexible, allowing you to study according to your timings. This lets you study when you are free and not bound by timings. Also, there are no fixed dates for starting the course, you can start when you are ready and it is easy to navigate throughout the course. 

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On taking up a course you get additional information such as a glimpse about the course and the course structure. This includes the difficulty level of the course and pre-requisites and inclusion of certification. 

The domains are Engineering, Maths, IT, Business, and more where you can upskill your knowledge and grab business opportunities or make a new career path.

11. Hubspot Academy – Free Online Courses With Printable Certificates

free online courses certificate

Hubspot is a great place to start learning with quickies. Here you get short online courses that will walk you through the basics. These courses vary from a length of 50 minutes to more than 6 hours and most of them are free online courses. I was shocked to find Facebook Ads marketing strategy so well explained and each section was explained with videos which made it much easier to understand.

Hubspot academy also consists of paid courses and promotional courses such as building a WordPress website using Elementor which is by far the easiest tutorial I have watched. Most of the websites follow a single format of teaching but on Hubspot academy, you get various teaching formats. These online courses don’t bound you to online video lectures and include other teaching formats such as Ebook, Webinars, Quiz or game, and many more.

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On this online course platform, you will get most of the courses based on marketing, both online and offline. There are specially designed courses for WordPress, digital marketing, E-Commerce, and other CMS on Hubspot. Also, along with all these free online courses you get printable professional certificates that you can use for building your profile.

To start using Hubspot academy, you need to signup for free using your Email ID and fill in personal details. Once you have successfully created your profile, you need to verify your identity and then choose a suitable online course. On completion of your online university courses, you get your free online digital certificate and start with the next course.

12. Udemy Online Courses with Certificates

free udemy courses

You don’t want to miss this free online course portal on the internet. It is one of the best online courses with certificates that are based on difficulty levels and available in more than 20 languages. Udemy is quite popular with its online courses and the topics are on web development, SEO, coding, meditation, personal development, and more.

Udemy is both a free and paid online course. Here you can learn for free but you have to pay for certificates. The paid courses include advantages like certificate, QnA with the instructor, and also you can chat with the instructor online. Free course on Udemy is more about gaining knowledge and not just the certificate. For the professional certificate, you have to pay but I find the resources are good, and also it is best for students to know the resource before and then enroll for pay.

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I enrolled for a free time management online course on Udemy and it was one of the most helpful courses I have taken in the past. Udemy is great for beginners trying to learn simple coding and exploring how to live peacefully but for more advanced learning I would suggest you go with Coursera free online courses with certificates.

Usually, there are a lot of free online course portals that let you start learning for free but to get certificates, you need to pay them. These charges easily range from 30 dollars to 300 dollars depending on the course providers. But do you know there are a lot of free learning websites that let you even have a printable certificate? Some of these websites will also ship the certificates for you when possible. You can learn digital marketing, photoshop, computer science, sales, web designing, App development, Business Strategiesand a lot more for free.

You can also check my blog on Best Places to Learn Coding Online which are my personal favorites and honestly you are missing some freebies with quality learning. 

To let you know the best online courses, we must know what you exactly want to learn. If you have already decided it is great that you know and if you are not sure, let me make it easier for you. 

Here is the list of trending online courses which are 2020’s great business opportunities – 

  1. Python for Data Science 
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Google Digital Garage 
  4. Programming for Everybody 
  5. Neural networks and deep learning
  6. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency 
  7. Algorithms 
  8. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and skills 
  9. Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision Making
  10. What is data science?
  11. English for career development
  12. Google IT support
  13. AI for everyone
  14. Marketing in a Digital World 
  15. Introduction to Marketing
  16. Finance strategies
  17. Technical support fundamentals
  18. AI for everyone

These are some of the best and popular courses you must and should enroll and these are not the limit. 

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