Best Alexa Commands Which Are Life Saviors

alexa commands

Amazon Echo also abbreviated to Echo and known informally as “Alexa” is a smart speaker developed by Echo devices are commonly controlled by the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which response to the names “Alexa”, “Echo”, or “Computer”. To emphasize, it includes more than 15,000 skills in addition to providing weather, traffic as well as other real-time information. Most of the smart devices can be controlled by this device. These devices have some cool ask Alexa commands that can do a lot of things.



To start with the first skill i.e., finding your phone with the phone finder. Those were the times when you misplace your phone and you gotta go on our PC or laptop and google “find my phone” which would consume more time to track the phone, but you can do this with Alexa commands without your 50 clicks and can take less than three seconds. Before this, Alexa would ask you some personal details to confirm that it’s really you. At last, all we can do is ask Alexa to find our phone saying “Alexa, Find My Phone.”, it would respond to you within less than 3-4 seconds, whereupon you’ll get you to see your mobile vibrating in the next moment.


alexa commands

Imagine controlling your devices or switches in your house without wanting to stand up from your warm couch?
Well, with Amazon Echo “ALEXA”, these ideas are no longer so doubtful. ‘Amazon Echo’ gives users voice access to effectively all tasks of the house. The device can allow you to communicate with your children, parents, or spouse who is sitting far from you in another room of the house. You can also use an enthusiastic entertainment system to watch any movie or listen to any music that you prefer from your playlist which must be pre-updated.


alexa commands for ordering food

Ever wanted to book any kind of tickets like Railway, Bus, Movie, or Theatre? Imagine you could say “food” and have it delivered to you? These all are accomplished by just commanding a few words.
Few well-known apps like OLA, Zomato, PVR has put up a skill on Alexa to give you the next finest thing!

Just give smooth commands to the Alexa, then it will satisfy you as soon as possible.
If you haven’t connected your Zomato app to Alexa, do it before you order to see your food as soon as possible in your tummy. Alexa will pick up all the information from your Zomato profile, to ensure a continuous involvement every time.

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alexa commands for kindle

It’s pleasant to see Alexa gain a new essential skill for content utilization:

She can read your Kindle books to you.
You can use your voice to ask Alexa to start reading by simply saying “Alexa, read (book title)” or you can go to your Alexa app under the new Kindle Books section to get which of your books she can read out for you. Out of the 200+ Kindle books, only a few books don’t support this new feature.

You can only say her to bounce back or pause, while in the Alexa app, you can simply hit a button for 30 seconds skips in either direction, or change to any chapter you want.


alexa commands for alarms

Setting an alarm or reminder is dead simple, just ask “Alexa, set an alarm for 8 am” or “Wake me up in 1 hour”, etc. You can even request it to set a repeating alarm by saying, “Alexa, set a repeating alarm for weekdays at 7 am”
The main advantage of this device is to make remind us of our To-Do list coupled with an Alarm in our busy schedule where we commonly forget the important things which are needed to be done. Using Alexa commands you can create a to-do list for you, simply say, “add (XYZ activity) to my to-do list“, and it will add it to your to-do list. You can also make Alexa read out your to-do list, by saying, “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list“.

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alexa commands for lonely people

Of course, it’s nature of the human to feel loneliness, but sometimes we can’t do anything about it, sadly. But not anymore, because the TOP 8 BEST ALEXA COMMANDS also makes us aware that, this device has something interesting stuff which would not make us feel alone anymore.
Few exciting Alexa commands are below,

“Alexa, flatter me”
Alexa’s utmost human-like skill. She can even help you if you need emotional support. Under those circumstances, it complements us in different ways.

“Alexa, motivate me” or “Alexa, Inspire me”
This makes Alexa speak motivation or inspirational quotes, sayings, or any audio formats.

Few more examples of Alexa commands are,

“talk me down.”

“start my morning.”

“get me up.”

“share your thoughts”

“open good vibes.”


best alexa commands

Alexa provides notifications about supported features like:

Weather Signals – Apps similar to Accuweather can provide us with weather advice. If there’s a specific awareness for your zone like raining, flooding, and so on.

Bus, train, flight timings – It can offer information on flights, bus and train times. This enables you to monitor your friends and family, plan for pickups at their destination, and many other valuable things.

Breaking news – Alexa will naturally look for news headlines and delivers us by speaking it out. When an important part of breaking news comes up, Alexa will educate you regarding it. This is one of those notices that you’ll either love or detest, depending upon how closely you follow the news. Few more similar commands would help us like Game scores, social networking updates, traffic information, etc.

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Amazon Alexa will now recognize the strangers by their voice and keep your personal details secured from thieves. Moreover, it can also identify the sound of breaking glass or other dangers to keep us harmless. Amazon has declared that their device will now be able to safeguard your house when you’re not in, keep an ear out for anything troublesome. If the microphones of the device catch the sound of breaking glass or a smoke detector going off, for example, they’ll record that sound and send it to its owner as a proof. All of this is using the same kind of artificial intelligence that controls the voice tools of the Echo device.

Guest post by Ashish Alshetty.

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