350+ Cool and Funny Names for your AirPods

In our prior guide, we discussed some of the coolest and funniest AirPods engraving ideas. By now, we know that we need to get the engraving done before buying the AirPods from Apple’s official website, or we can get it done from third-party stores where they do the laser engraving on the AirPods. We noticed that you all gave us a lot of love for that particular list, so here is another list, and this time, it is about cool and funny names for AirPods.

It is pretty boring to see the “AirPods” in your Bluetooth device list, and when you are in crowded places, there is always confusion with all the AirPods on your list with the name AirPods. So, we thought, how about standing out with a cool name for your AirPods, so every time other people see it on their Bluetooth list, they freak out?

Let’s not waste any more of your time and get straightaway to the list of funny and cool names for your AirPods.

Don’t Know How to Rename your AirPods?

Want to rename your AirPods but don’t know how? Check out our simple guide on how to do it on iPhone, Mac, iPad, Windows, and even Android devices.

Mocking Names for Your AirPods

  • Galaxy Duds
  • Samsung Sobs
  • Budget Beats
  • Plastic Pods
  • Korean Knobs
  • Laggy Listeners
  • Static Spheres
  • Galaxy Grumblers
  • Android Annoyances
  • Bluetooth Botherers
  • Galaxy Gripes
  • Static Stars
  • Bud Bloopers
  • Galaxy Grumblers
  • Samsung Struggles
  • Echo Edges
  • Glitchy Grooves
  • Mediocre Mics
  • Distortion Discs
  • Laggy Loops
  • Galaxy Gimmicks
  • Sound Stumblers
  • Buzzy Buds
  • Korean Klunkers
  • Ear Echoes
  • Off-Brand Buzzers
  • Imitation Inputs
  • Dollar Store Drums
  • Wannabe Wires
  • Echo Elements
  • Sound Stragglers
  • Tune Terrors
  • Cheap Clunks
  • Tinny Trebles
  • Knockoff Nuisances
  • Budget Blips
  • Inferior In-Ears
  • Subpar Sound
  • Discount Drifters
  • Economy Echoes
  • Galaxy Garbles
  • Static Sounders
  • Pixel 
  • PainsAndroid 
  • Agonies
  • Faulty Frequencies
  • Gimmick Gizmos
  • Buzzy Beacons
  • Subpar Sounders
  • Disconnected Drums
  • Bluetooth Blunders
  • Galaxy Grumblers
  • Sound Slouches
  • Ear Echoes
  • Plastic Pain
  • Connectivity Clowns
  • Budget Bloopers
  • Echo Errors
  • Tinny Tunes
  • Static Snares
  • Galaxy Gaffes
  • Mediocre Mics
  • Echo Edges
  • Fumble Frequencies
  • Audio Aggravators
  • Low-Fi Lows
  • Noisy Nubs
  • Gimmick Gadgets
  • Samsung Stumbles
  • Tinny Tones
  • Bluetooth Bummers
  • Static Sounders
  • Budget Buds
  • Galaxy Gripes
  • Connection Clunkers
  • Audio Annoyances
  • Tinny Terrors
  • Static Shocks
  • Galaxy Grumblers
  • Clunky Connections
  • Mediocre Mics
  • Bargain Buzzers
  • Tin Tunes
  • Dollar Store Duds
  • Low-End Lugs
  • Discount Drones
  • Off-Brand Offenders
  • Echo Embarrassments
  • Budget Buzz
  • Static Sounders
  • Economy Echoes
  • Inferior Inputs
  • Bargain Bin Beats
  • Substandard Sounders
  • Low-Quality Loops
  • Cheapo Chimes
  • Tinny Tunes
  • Static Stumblers
  • Imitation Inputs
  • Bargain Buzzers
  • Knockoff Noise
  • No-Name Nuisances
  • Budget Blunders
  • Tinny Tones
  • Subpar Sounders
  • Faux Frequencies
  • Economy Echoes
  • Cheap Chirpers
  • Bargain Buzz
  • Generic Groaners
  • Low-Quality Loops
  • Off-Brand Offenders
  • Tin Tunes
  • Budget Buzzers
  • Knockoff Knots
  • Dollar Store Drums
  • Faux Fiends
  • Inferior In-Ears
  • Tinny Trebles
  • No-Name Nubs
  • Bargain Bin Buds
  • Cheap Clunks

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    Funny Names for Your AirPods

    • Ear Buddies
    • Tiny Tunes
    • Sound Beans
    • Noise Nuggets
    • Audio Amigos
    • Juke Nugs
    • Beat Buds
    • Melody Mites
    • Ear Worms
    • Tiny Trumpets
    • Ear Gizmos
    • Boogie Buds
    • Jive Jems
    • Sonic Snacks
    • Wobble Pods
    • Giggle Grooves
    • Chuckle Chords
    • Humdinger Pods
    • Quirk Beats
    • Jiggle Jams
    • Wiggle Whispers
    • Laugh Lugs
    • Snicker Sounders
    • Guffaw Gadgets
    • Chortle Chimes
    • Smirk Sounds
    • Laugh Tracks
    • Quirk Pods
    • Comic Chords
    • Witty Whispers
    • Jester Jams
    • Clown Chords
    • Jokester Jives
    • Prankster Pods
    • Gag Gadgets
    • Giggle Gadgets
    • Wacky Waves
    • Playful Pods
    • Silly Sounders
    • Droll Drops
    • Amusing Audio
    • Funny Frequencies
    • Jester Jingles
    • Witty Whistles
    • Jest Jams
    • Comical Chords
    • Hilarious Harmonies
    • Merry Melodies
    • Puny Pods
    • Laughing Lugs
    • Chuckle Chimes
    • Prank Pods
    • Witty Waves
    • Jocular Jingles
    • Smile Sounds
    • Laughable Loops
    • Comic Clinks
    • Snicker Sounds
    • Whimsy Waves
    • Mirthful Melodies
    • Quirk Quotes
    • Fun Frequencies
    • Jolly Jams
    • Gag Grooves
    • Silly Sonics

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      Cool Names for AirPods

      • Sonic Spheres
      • Echo Pods
      • Pulse Beats
      • Wave Riders
      • Bass Boosters
      • Rhythm Rocks
      • Vibe Pods
      • Soundwaves
      • Vibe Vortex
      • Audio Zephyrs
      • Bass Blasters
      • Tune Talons
      • Harmonic Halos
      • Sound Shields
      • Melody Mavericks
      • Beat Brains
      • Wave Warriors
      • Beat Drops
      • Audio Phantoms
      • Groove Globes
      • Beat Blitz
      • Pulse Pods
      • Echo Orbs
      • Sonic Swirls
      • Rhythm Rolls

        Unique Names for AirPods

        • Harmonic Hive
        • Symphony Seeds
        • Melody Gems
        • Sonic Orbs
        • Echo Elements
        • Lyrical Pearls
        • Beat Bubbles
        • Harmony Beans
        • Audio Sparks
        • Rhythm Rays
        • Harmony Orbs
        • Lyrical Lasers
        • Sonic Seeds
        • Echo Embers
        • Symphony Sparks
        • Melody Marbles
        • Sonic Sprites
        • Harmonic Halos
        • Echo Essences
        • Melody Mirrors
        • Harmony Harbors
        • Sonic Silhouettes
        • Echo Enigmas
        • Melody Meadows
        • Harmonic Horizons

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          Sarcastic Names for Your AirPods

          • Sound Investment
          • Ear Junk
          • Overpriced Pods
          • Fancy Earplugs
          • Tech Bling
          • Noise Cancellers (Sure…)
          • Fashion Statement
          • Pocket Drainers
          • Music Marvels (Not Really)
          • Status Symbols
          • Audio Overlords
          • Gadget Gizmos
          • Wannabe Headphones
          • Tiny Speakers
          • Pricey Plugs
          • Ear Clunkers
          • Style Over Substance
          • Noise Polluters
          • Lost in Translation
          • Fad Fiends
          • Audio Anomalies
          • Fashionable Failures
          • High-Price Hiccups
          • Useless Upgrades
          • Ear Ache Makers
          • Battery Bummers
          • Connectivity Clowns
          • Marketing Marvels
          • Silicon Snafus
          • Tech Turkeys
          • Wireless Woes
          • Fancy Frustrations
          • Pricey Peashooters
          • Music Mediocres
          • Overrated Outputs
          • Ear Bling (Not)
          • Audio Artifacts
          • Over-Hyped Pods
          • Tech Trinkets
          • Fancy Failures
          • Ear Moneypits
          • Investment Insults
          • Overcharged Outputs
          • Fashionable Follies
          • Audio Anguish
          • Style Stumbles
          • Wireless Wrongs
          • Sound Snafus
          • Premium Problems
          • Ear Eccentrics
          • Trendy Troubles
          • Wireless Whimsies
          • Gadget Goofs
          • Overpriced Oddities
          • Tech Toy Troubles

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            Freaky Names for your AirPods

            • Ghost Pods
            • Phantom Beats
            • Spooky Sounders
            • Creep Tunes
            • Freaky Frequencies
            • Ghoul Grooves
            • Eerie Echoes
            • Specter Sounds
            • Haunt Pods
            • Wicked Waves
            • Shadow Shivers
            • Twilight Tunes
            • Chilling Chords
            • Nightmarish Notes
            • Demon Drops
            • Creepy Crawlers
            • Zombie Tunes
            • Vampire Vibes
            • Ghostly Grooves
            • Phantom Frequencies
            • Haunting Harmonies
            • Witchy Waves
            • Demon Drops
            • Spooky Spheres
            • Ghastly Gadgets
            • Banshee Beats
            • Sinister Sounds
            • Creepy Chords
            • Ghoul Grooves
            • Spectral Sounds
            • Eerie Echoes
            • Chilling Chimes
            • Darkside Drops
            • Wicked Whispers
            • Shadow Sounders
            • Macabre Melodies
            • Twilight Tunes
            • Sinister Spheres
            • Phantom Phonics
            • Fiendish Frequencies
            • Nightmarish Notes
            • Banshee Beats
            • Undead Ultras
            • Specter Songs
            • Ghostly Grooves
            • Freaky Frequencies
            • Spooky Sounds
            • Eerie Earbuds
            • Macabre Music
            • Chilling Chords
            • Haunted Harmonies
            • Phantom Phonics
            • Shadow Songs
            • Sinister Spheres
            • Creep Chords

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            Check Out Awesome AirPods Cases and Cover

            The AirPods get dusty, greasy, and dirty as soon as you remove them from the box and no wonder you can see scratches on them in just a few days. It is always best to carry an AirPods case or cover; here are some of the options that are definitely not a bore.

              Most Frequently Asked Questions on Renaming your AirPods

              How do I rename my AirPods on an iPhone or iPad?

              To rename your AirPods on an iPhone or iPad, connect them to your device, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods, change the name, and tap “Done.”

              How do I rename my AirPods on a Mac?

              On a Mac, open System Preferences, go to Bluetooth, right-click on your AirPods, select “Rename,” enter the new name, and press “Enter” to save it.

              Can I rename my AirPods using an Android device?

              Yes, you can rename your AirPods on an Android device by going to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth, tapping the gear icon next to your AirPods, and editing the name with the pencil icon.

              How do I rename my AirPods on a Windows PC?

              To rename AirPods on a Windows PC, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, right-click on your AirPods, select “Properties,” and edit the name in the Bluetooth tab.

              Why does the name of my AirPods keep reverting back to the default?

              The name may revert due to connection issues or firmware resets. Ensure your AirPods are updated, and try renaming them again. Resetting and reconnecting them might also help.

              How can I troubleshoot issues with renaming my AirPods?

              If renaming issues persist, make sure the AirPods are connected, reset them by holding the setup button until the light flashes, and restart your device before attempting to rename them again.

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              Wrapping up: Cool and Funny Names for Your AirPods

              These are some of the best and funniest names for your AirPods; some of them are Apple mocking Samsung, some are mocking other buds, and a few are cool and funny names, while we have also included some freaky and sarcastic names for your AirPods. Let us know which name you prefer the most in the comment section. The best thing is you can keep changing the names of your AirPods as many times as you wish, but always remember the last name you give to your AirPods so you can connect to your AirPods.

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