How to Remove Holi Colour From Face and Body – Skincare and Haircare Tips

how to remove holi colour

Holi is one of the most intriguing and fun festivals. The festival of colours is full when you get to colour your love people, prank them and the ugly singing of Bollywood dedicated Holi songs with your mind on seeds. But you also need to take care of your skin and hair before and after playing with colours. We have made pre and post quick tips to remove the colour from the face and hair with utmost care.

How to Remove Holi Colours –

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To understand how to take care of your skincare and hair and what level of precaution is needed, you need to know your colours.

There are Two Types of Colours – 

  • Chemical colours (Paste, dry, and watercolors)
  • Organic colours

Chemical/synthetic colours are highly reactive to your soft skin and your hair scalp. Synthetic colours affect your skin in most ways; it causes cancer to the extreme ends. These colours are made of mica, acids, alkalis, and many more. These synthetic colours were never made to play due to the problems caused by it.

Common problems caused due to synthetic colours are skin irritation, itching, rashes, eye infections, and also rough hair.

Here is an informative table of common problems caused by Synthetic colours by –

Paste Colours – 

remove chemical colours from face

Dry Colours – 

remove holi colour

If you face such problems, it is better to visit a doctor in the first instance and not treating yourself at home.

On the other hand, the organic colours are made of natural ingredients such as corn starch, kumkum, arrowroot powder, beetroot, and indigo flowers. These are the safest colours to use in holi and are also easily washable. 

You don’t need to wander markets to find your favorite holi colours. You can easily prepare organic Holi colours at home using these simple ways listed below. 

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How to Prepare Organic colours in Holi at Home –

Herbal Dry Gulal – 

This organic holi color is easy to use and simple to make at home. Take some arrowroot powder, Haldi, Marybud, orange peel powder, and few drops of lemon or sandalwood. Mix these ingredients in a large bowl and mix them properly using your hands.

Organic watercolors for kids – 

Kids like to play with wet colours and trust me it is too easy to make organic watercolors for kids in holi. All you need to do is soak a bucket full of water with Palash flowers (Also known as tesu flowers in English) overnight. Remove the Palash flowers and water can be used to play Holi for kids.

Don’t throw flowers with regular plastic waste, make sure you decompose it along with other biodegradable waste and make compost out of it.

Now that we know our colours, let us get into knowing how to remove Holi colour from the face and other parts of the body.

Skin and Haircare before Playing Holi –

Using Moisturizer –

remove holi colour safely

Moisturizing your skin is the most important to remove the Holi color from your face and also protect your skin.

If you don’t wish to buy a moisturizer, you can use a simple holi hack at home. Use Almond or coconut oil to moisturize your skin and to remove the Holi color easily. Not only face but apply oil on all hands, neck, and legs too.

Wear full sleeve clothes and replace your shorts with full pants to avoid coloring most parts of your body.

Oiling your Hair –

removing holi colour from hair

It is by far the best move to oil your hair to remove Holi color and also protect your scalp. Have a head massage with almond oil a night before you play Holi or just apply some before you go out to play. This will not only help in removing holi colors but also it will help in protecting the scalp.

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Wear Sunglasses –

holi remove colours

Sunglasses will help you protect your eyes from the colours of Holi. Make sure you keep them on and enjoy your holi without regretting later along with eye irritations.

Skin and Haircare after Playing Holi – How to remove Holi colour?

Washing your hair –

holi colour removing

Wash your hair with cold water only and make sure you rinse it properly till it reaches the scalp. We have already applied almond oil before playing Holi so it won’t be difficult to remove Holi colour from hair.

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Directly use a Shampoo to Rinse your Hair?

No, don’t directly rinse with shampoo. We need to fasten the process by applying egg yolk on your scalp. Using this hair pack, removing holi color will be easy and it will also strengthen and smoothen your hair.

Can’t use Eggs?

Don’t worry if you cannot use Eggs. We have another alternative for this hair pack too. Use some Methi seeds along with curd and apply it on your hair 30-40 minutes before you head to shower. Rinse it properly and you can see great results.

Washing your Face to Remove Holi Colour –

removing colour after holi

To remove the color from your face, always wash your face with cold water. Coldwater will give cooling to your skin and also avoid colors in your blackheads. Hot water will open up pores on your face and it gets easier for the colour to enter those pores.

Don’t wash your face again and again. Washing your face again and again will dry up your skin and color. It is always a bad idea to wash it repeatedly.

Anything to avoid during washing your face is vigorously rubbing your skin. Your skin on the face is the softest, be tender with it and avoid rubbing it.

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Face Packs and Body Scrubs –

face cleaning holi colour

Washing your face is not enough after you end up playing fun and tiring holi. Use your skin suitable favorite face pack and rest for 30 minutes. Using a face pack will make your face feel refreshed and also it will remove colour from your face, especially pores.

Don’t experiment with face washes and prefer only the one you regularly use. Use coffee scrub on your face to remove Holi colour much faster.

Why only the face? Use a body scrub to remove the holi colour from your hands and legs.

How to Make Organic Body Scrub to Remove Holi Colours?

It is quite simple to prepare body scrub to remove Holi colours. The main reason to use body scrub is to do exfoliation on your body and provide enough moisturizer.

Here is How to Make a Coffee Scrub –

  • Take some coffee grounds, crushed into fine pieces.
  • Add some hot water
  • Add any available oil (Almond, olive, or coconut)

It is easy to use this coffee scrub. Prepare the above mixture and let it cool down and then store it in a container.

Use a face cleaning moisturizer to open up all the pores on your face and also remove impurities from your skin. Now take some coffee scrub and apply it on your face and body by tapping it slowly on the skin.

After 20 minutes, rinse that area with cold water and then tap a soft napkin in that area.

Precaution: This scrub will be painful to remove from hairy areas and it will be better to wax that area first.

Green Tea Scrub –

Green tea scrub is one of the easiest scrubs to make a home. This scrub is one of the effective body scrubs to use after Holi to remove colours from your body.

Here is How to make Green Tea Scrub at Home –

  • Take two green tea bags and place them in a glass full of hot water.
  • Let the water drain out all the tea
  • Once, the water is cooled down, add some brown sugar.
  • Add some oil (Coconut, olive, or almond oil)
  • Make sure the mixture has a good consistency.

As simple it is to make the green tea scrub. It is also easy to use. Use a face cleanser and then apply it on your face and if you are using it on your body then tap it gently on less hairy areas. Rinse it with cold water or wipe it with a wet cloth.

Removing holi colour is not a one day process. You need to well maintain the above precautions and ways to remove Holi colour.

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Boosting your Process of Removing Holi colour –

To boost your process, regularly use a face pack to remove the remaining colour on your face.

What best other than organic face packs?

Multani mitti is one of the best and organic face packs you can use to not only remove Holi colour but also bring a glow to your face.

Precaution: Multani mitti is a strong face pack. Make sure you make a consistent mixture and apply evenly a thin layer of this paste. Also, make sure you don’t talk or make any facial movements when you have applied Multani mitti paste, it may lead to wrinkles and older skin.

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