New Oneplus Phone With 5G Connectivity

New Oneplus Phone With 5G Connectivity

The Qualcomm summit has a lot to bring up for tech world and new Oneplus phone with 5g is one of them. In the recent Qualcomm summit, Oneplus turns out to be the first phone to come up with Qualcomm’s 5G support.

Ahead of Oneplus 6T release and successful launch of Oneplus 6 the community is now ready to add an idea, moving ahead to turn into 5G phones. The Oneplus 6T is all set to launch on October 29 of 2018 in New York.

The Oneplus 6T is already shooting stars with its awaited release. This would be the second flagship release of this year. Moreover the most captivating part about the camera and speed is hopefully more enhanced in the Oneplus 6T.

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In the Qualcomm summit 2018, Oneplus kept it straight and clear. It wants to be the first manufactures to sell 5G smart phones. The upcoming phones in 2019 will be powered with 5g support (oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7T) and is already in process of testing under the company’s co founder.

New Oneplus Phone with 5th Generation kinship


Qualcomm wants to launch at least two flagship phones till next year. Definitely there would be no doubt that these smart phones will rule out in 2019 but the stability would still be under considerations.

Qualcomm President quotes –

“One of the handsets may arrive in the first half of the year, and one in the second.”

This new Oneplus phone will compete against Samsung and Huawei in contrast to their standard support of 5G. Also other smartphones will get the 5G support in the later 2019. Thereby, this is approximated to be 18-19 devices. In this view, these smart phone manufactures will use Snapdragon X50 5G NR by Qualcomm productions.

Indeed, the Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7T are expected to launch in early months of 2019.

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