New MI Phone with Snapdragon 675

New MI Phone with Snapdragon 675

Mi phones are no doubt the number one consumer phones in Indian Market and the CEO of Xiaomi India Mr. Manu Jain is all set to rock and roll the selling. Qualcomm unveiled the latest snapdragon 675 Soc earlier this week. The snapdragon 675 Soc is an upgrade to the Qualcomm snapdragon 670 which was recently launched in August.

snapdragon 675 soc

The snapdragon 675 Soc is dedicated to mid range smart phones and Manu jain is too excited to launch a brand new mi phone in Indian market with this Soc. It is believed and claimed by Qualcomm that it this processor will give 30% more gaming power to the mid range phone.

Manu Jain confirms New MI phone with the all new Snapdragon 675 chipset 

Manu Jain the chief of Xiaomi India was present at the summit of Qualcomm 4g 5g where he discussed about the rapid growth of the brand in Indian market. No doubt Mi phones have turned into one of the most popular phones and also adding to the list of most things searched on Google; the best mid range phones so far.

Qualcomm’s decision to get this chip for mid range phones are of the strongest marketing decisions. The company has faced a major clash with Apple in the court in recent times. The Apple inc is now looking forward to develop iphones powered by Intel processing unit.

Coming to the perks of Qualcomm snapdragon 675 soc, it claims to launch games 30% much faster than snapdragon 670. Also this Soc allows 35% faster web browsing and 20% quick music launch.

It is designed with 11nm LPP process technology, an octa-core kryo 460 CPU and Adreno 612 GPU. Speaking about the launch dates, it is not yet specified by Manu Kumar Jain but it is expected to launch soon in India.

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