10 Best Food For Labrador Puppy – Balanced and Nutritious

Puppies need extra care and nutrition alongside good play and training. A proper diet helps them grow healthy and full of mass and skin, but is it the best food for Labrador puppies? Should you give them meat at the early stage, or should you avoid it? Here is my guide on the best food for Labrador puppies that are great for healthy growth. Additionally, this guide will help you buy nutritious food for your Labrador puppies based on their ages.

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Best Food For Labrador Puppies

Here I list the top 10 best food for Labrador puppies that are nutritious, healthy, and tasty; most veterans across the world recommend these puppy foods. Additionally, most of these are naturally prepared and contain no artificial ingredients.

ProductCheck Price
Royal Canin Puppy Food For Labrador Retriever [3lb]Best Offer on Amazon
Eukanuba Puppy food5lb, 16lb, 33lb
Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food6lb, 18lb, 34lb
Blue Life Protein FormulaBuy 6lb, 15lb, 30lb
Hills Science Diet Dry Food4.5lb, 15.5lb
AvoDerm Natural FoodBuy 26lb pack
Pedigree Puppy Growth and Protection3.5lb, 16.3lb, 36lb
Merrick Grain-Free Dry Food For PuppyBest Price on Amazon
Canidae Pure Dry Food for Your Puppy4lb, 12lb, 24lb
Wellness Complete Health Dry FoodBuy 4lb, 12lb

Royal Canin Puppy Food For Labrador Retriever

Age: 8 weeks to 15 months

Flavor: Chicken

Royal Canin enhances the healthy bone structure and weight management with a balanced intake. It protects your puppy by developing the digestive system and defenses with the complex of antioxidants with vitamin E.

healthy puppy food

Eukanuba Puppy food

Age: Greater than 24 months

Flavor: chicken

Eukanuba puppy food helps grow muscle and health in active pups, with high-quality animal protein and an optimized level of calcium and phosphorous. Additionally, it anticipates concentrated energy from fat and carbohydrate levels that are beneficial for the growth of puppies.

Healthy Dry food for Puppy

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food

Flavor : Lamb and Rice Formula

Purina Pro Plan is made with high-quality protein, with lamb as their #1 ingredient. It assists in nourishing brain and vision development through DNA from fish oil. Also, it helps grow muscle and a better digestive system.

 Healthy food for puppy

Blue Life Protein Formula

Flavor: Chicken and Brown rice

Blue Buffalo’s food contains real meat as the #1 ingredient, making it the best food for Labrador puppies. An unambiguous blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to build up healthy oxidative balance and proper immunity system. Additionally, it contains DND and ARA (important fatty acids found in mother’s milk) to support cognitive function and retinal health.

healthy dry food

Hills Science Diet Dry Food

Flavor: Chicken and Barley

It renders your little growing puppy with healthy brain and eye development; how? Basically, it contains DHA from fish oil. Additionally, it provides your puppy with high-quality protein for building up lean muscles.

Heathy food for your puppy

AvoDerm Natural Food

Flavor: Chicken and Brown rice

As said about natural ingredients, it is corn-free, wheat-free, and soy-free. In addition, there are no other by-products meals, artificial color, flavor, or preservatives.

Nutrient and protein-rich, it helps in growing your puppy from the blend of easy-to-digest vitamins. Moreover, Natural food made with California avocados promotes healthy skin, coat, and developing immune systems.

Alible dry food

Pedigree Puppy growth and Protection

Flavor: Chicken and Vegetable

Dogs bring out the best in us, and pedigree brings out the best in them. Complete and balanced nutrition provides the optimal level of calcium and phosphorous; this helps puppies develop strong teeth and bones. It is made with the world’s finest ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors, and no added sugar.

Vitalizing dry food

Merrick Grain-Free Dry Food For Puppy

Flavor: Beef

One of the benefits of this food is the real deboned chicken as the main ingredient. This grain-free food contains a level of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; that support healthy skin and maintains your dog’s hip and joints from levels of glucosamine and chondroitin for real whole foods for optimal natural nutrition.

Healthy dry food

Canidae Pure Dry Food for Your Puppy

Flavor: Salmon and Sweet potato

Everything your puppy need, nothing they don’t; Real salmon is the main ingredient of Canidae Pure, making the best food for your labrador puppy. Other Proteins your dog will love from Canidae dry food are, Lamb, Boar, Bison, Chicken.

Nutritious Dry Food For Your Puppy

Wellness Complete Health Dry Food

Find the right food for your dog: high-quality protein and wholesome grains are perfectly balanced to deliver a complete diet-packed food your puppy needs to thrive. Moreover, no added colors, preservatives, or fillings in the food, Therefore the best food for your labrador puppy.

Best Balanced and Nutritious Food For Labrador Puppies

These were some of the best food for your Labrador puppy with no added colors, preservatives, or fillings. Additionally, they are wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, and with high-quality proteins, wholesome grains, vitamins. These are the best food to Give your puppy a properly balanced diet to develop digestive systems better.

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