Oneplus vs iPhone – Why OnePlus 6T Is Better Than iPhone XR.

oneplus vs iphone

Oneplus vs iPhone is the competition that follows the result of the rise and fall of the $900 billion company.  In the first place did the iPhone decade came to an end? By the same token is this the rise of Oneplus smartphones along with other leading brands. Oneplus vs iPhone is the most trending topic in news over here and there. Let us try and answer these questions and compare both smartphones with their latest versions.

Oneplus 6T 

latest oneplus phone
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The Oneplus 6T was announced in early December 2018 with tremendous love for the Oneplus 6 in past.

Key Features:

  • In-display Screen lock
  • 6.41-inch display
  • Dual camera
  • 8GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 845
  • 3700 mAh battery with fast charge

This Oneplus phone ‘The Oneplus 6T’ adds the latest in-display fingerprint technology. The in-display fingerprint display allows you to seamlessly unlock your device by placing your finger on your screen. The older Oneplus phone such as 6 and 5T supported fingerprint unlock but was not correctly placed. The screen size henceforth placed the finger on the camera rather than the sensor.

Although the screen size of 6.41 inch sometimes gets uncomfortable despite it turns out to be a perk for gamers and movie junkies. The screen is made up of edge to edge optic AMOLED which enhances the display and smoothes the usage.

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Along with an in-display fingerprint, the latest Oneplus phone has introduced the nightscape mode. As the Oneplus quotes – “Magic in every frame”.The Oneplus 6T’s Nightscape mode add details to the night photography. Coupled with optical image stabilization the clarity of the image is remarkable and definitely comparable with the Google camera. The Oneplus 6T adds much more to the Oneplus vs iPhone competition.

Oneplus 6T has prebuilt studio lighting which emphasis the camera. The 16 and 20MP dual camera comes with no shutter lag and multi-frame processing. It also supports fast charge and better battery support. It has a 3700 mAh battery capacity.

With attention to 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 signed by Qualcomm, the Oneplus 6T is faster than other leading phones. The notch makes it look seamlessly beautiful and the processor adds to the speed. With the powerful hardware and software support the Oneplus turns to be a great competition to other leading brands but our question is about the Oneplus vs iPhone. Does it compete well? Let’s look forward to it.

iPhone XR 

latest apple iphone
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Key Features:

  • Face ID
  • 6.1-inch display
  • 12MP Advanced Camera system
  • A12 Bionic chip

The iPhone XR is one of the latest models of Apple iPhones.  The iPhone XR has an advanced phone unlocking system using Face recognition. The Face ID uses millions of points on your face and compares them to unlock the iPhone. The security is advanced but is doubtful when it comes to twin faces or masking.

The 6.1-inch display is comfortable for daily usage compared to the Oneplus 6T. It is made up of an advanced liquid retina HD display. It supports all screen multi-touch with notch and IPS technology which emphasises its use. The iPhone XR holds tone display technology with a wide colour display and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

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To say nothing of the iPhone XR, the device is splash, water and dust resistant.  The A12 Bionic chip is fast and reliable with the next-generation neural engine.

The iPhone XR claims to have an advanced camera system for its 12MP camera. With an aperture of 1.8 and digital focus zoom up to 5x the system has portrait mode with bokeh mode.  As Oneplus 6T likewise the iPhone XR has optical image stabilization.

These were the key features of the iPhone XR but does it compete well with the Oneplus 6T? What about the market status for both the premium smartphones?

Our Take On Why OnePlus 6T Is Better Than iPhone XR – Oneplus vs iPhone

oneplus vs iphone
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2018 – the year Oneplus modelled as the most premium and best flagship phone in India. Consequently, apple suffers the same.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple inc. States that the loss in sales of the Apple iPhone is because the “customers don’t want to upgrade”. That is definitely true though.

Apple has started losing its grip on the Indian market after being defeated to an extent in China. The Oneplus has taken over most of the sales along with Mi (Xiaomi) and other brands.

The reason is quite simple. The apple on the negative side is held for battery drain and higher prices in India whereas the Oneplus provides almost all the features at a better price. The Battery compatibility of Oneplus is far better than Apple and the Oxygen Os supports much more features.

Although the Face ID is slightly poor in Oneplus 6T the iPhone XR promises to be fast and reliable. The other news about Intel producing apple chips in 2019 has taken the internet down. After the legal clash with Qualcomm, Apple has approached Intel for the production of its chips and already using the same in some of the models.

Oneplus has also recently mocked apple with its own voice assistant feature. The tweets pop asking Siri questions about “best premium smartphone in 2018” which is none other than Oneplus 6.

When it comes to voice assistant the apple ios needs to work a lot on the capabilities of Siri. The operations which Google now performs are much better than Siri when compared.

No doubt the augmented reality feature is best in iPhones compared to Oneplus and that’s truly magnificent. Apple always advances in technology but somehow failing to make it available with ease for customers.

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Not to mention Apple is still better with advanced camera quality. With depth field in portrait mode and bokeh effect in my opinion leads the camera board. Although Oneplus 6T has an introduction to nightscape it will eventually take time to evolve in a much better way. In fact, the Oneplus 6 camera standards were not that satisfactory.

iPhone has introduced cheaper devices while Oneplus is improvising on the features. The Accessories are available for Oneplus to emphasise more on bullet earphones while apple emphasis more on the Apple watch series and definitely the AirPods. The AirPods (AirPods Engraving Ideas) have turned out to be a slight issue for customers as they don’t come in a package with any device and need to be bought separately.

Oneplus devices are cheaper and premium with features while apple is costlier but advanced. In my opinion, The Oneplus vs iPhone battle is on the verge and both are equally competing. If Oneplus continues on the improvisation then it would hold the major market share. If Apple continues the same nature then it will eventually lose the market slowly in the coming decades. Oneplus 6T is an affordable choice with most of the compelling features of Iphone XR. Certain features such as animoji/memoji are missing but overall performance, battery and other features are better in Oneplus 6T. Also, the OnePlus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro is a neat and tidier version of older Oneplus models better in comparison with any other Iphone for now. Buy Oneplus and Iphone XR on Amazon with the link provided.

That was our take on Oneplus vs iPhone, what would be your choice and opinions? Let us know in the comment section.