Misfit Shine 2 Review For Fitness Freaks

misfit shine 2 review

After earning for years would you spend all of it sitting in an ICU waiting for death before time? Along with investing in money based resources you also need to invest some health. The reports claim to have millions of deaths among people who are below the age of 40.

One needs to understand that you can invest all of what you got and still get nothing in return, if you don’t maintain your health.

Now, you can’t keep track of your steps counting it verbally one after one or find out how much calories you have burnt jogging to the office or to the classroom. Here comes the requirement of fitness trackers. We have misfit shine 2 review for you, the most desired, sleek and wannable fitness tracker.

Misfit Shine 2 Review – Affordable munch

misfit shine 2

The misfit shine 2 is a basic fitness tracking band which seems to be mainstream but wait it has some special features. The misfit shine 2 is an affordable fitness band which displays most of your daily activity directly on to your phone.

It doesn’t have a touch display or interface directly to the band but it displays information with the help of LEDs. There are more colours to configure what kind of data is being displayed, for example the LEDs will turn into red if you are getting a call and blue if you get some text message. This can be configured through your device.

It is light weight and sleek in nature

You cannot feel the 0.29 ounce misfit shine 2 on your hand. Not to be surprised the league is followed from its very own predecessors. The other misfit fitness trackers are also light weight in nature.

Misfit shine 2 has a peg holding technique to its strap which is a bit difficult while you get other accessories too. These accessories allow your misfit shine 2 turn into bracelet or a necklace.

Along with the traditional strap the misfit shine 2 comes with a clip inside the box which helps to fasten it to your other accessories.

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Tap To Know Your Progress 


best fitness tracker for women

The LEDs are not that normal, there is something extra to add. Since the watch face is not display interactive all you need to double tap the watch face.

Once you have double tap the watch face the device will cleverly first show your progress and then the time. The misfit shine 2 has very intelligent sensors and of course the design.

The blue lights on the LEDs display the hour hand while the green lights display the minute hand. Though this is a clever way it gets difficult to see the LEDs in bright light.

Misfit shine 2 Performs Basic Activity Tracking.

fitness tracker

When it comes to basic fitness tracking, misfit shine 2 does most of the jobs. It measures the number of steps you have walked, calories you have burned and distance you have traveled. The App stores all of your data in the form of points. It converts your activity into points and fills in the circle of milestones which helps you reach your daily goals.

You definitely must be wondering about the heart rate feature. The misfit shine 2 doesn’t support heart rate measurements and stairs climbed feature. If you have an Iphone you can check it in health app separately for this. Android users need to download the heart rate monitor app from the play store.

The Three axis accelerometer measures most of the basic activity. One of the amazing features of misfit shine 2; it vibrates on inactivity.

Suppose you have been working for hour or more constantly without any physical activities may be on your desk then it vibrates an alert. This alert informs you to perform some physical activity.

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Watch dog to your snores

Misfit shine 2 is one of the most desired fitness watches and one of the reasons to this is the accurate sleep tracking activity. It measures your sleeping time and how well have you slept without any manual triggering. It automatically triggers itself and accurately captures the time you have gone into sleep. The sleeping hours is visible next morning in the app.

best fitness tracker

No doubt your next wonder question would be if it acts as an alarm? Yes peeps, it does. You don’t need to get annoyed with those loud alarms. The misfit shine 2 starts vibrating gently on your wrist when you have set the time.

Isn’t that cool at this cheap price?

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Healthier than other fitness trackers – Long battery life

The misfit shine 2 is one of the reliable fitness trackers when it comes to battery life. The amazing battery life lasts up to six months with everyday usage and has a replaceable by battery easily available at the misfit online shop.

Conclusion To Misfit Shine 2 Review –

The sleek, affordable and long lasting misfit shine 2 is one of the most look for fitness bands. It does all the basic fitness activity tracking for you and has long battery life. While you don’t have the elevation tracking and heart rate sensor you can still go for it. The double and triple features for your notifications and fitness tracking are uniquely designed and are also available in different colors. Configurations to LED’s can be done directly through the app in your desired fashion. Our conclusion on misfit shine 2 review; it is a must have band in your daily life.

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