AR Education For Students – A Productive Approach

Augmented Reality is growing at the speed of light in different fields of the world. AR education is one of the prime examples. Augmented reality always focuses on bringing the future nearby. One the most useful part of Artificial intelligence is Augmented Reality. By using Machine learning algorithms and different parts of Artificial intelligence the world creates endless possibilities for self.

Why use AR education?

Education is the reason of civilization and enhancing it creates more opportunities to civilize self. The practical aspect of teaching always focuses on understanding the concepts in a better way. Using AR in education not only amplifies the understanding but also simplifies the concept. Students will not only learn on their own but will also teach others.
Using AR in education, one can travel impossible to reality. The basic example to this is bringing dinosaurs to reality without any danger. To study about the dinosaurs it is always difficult to be picture oriented. Augmented reality creates a 3D format which is sensible by our senses. A bigger picture allows students to feel, future ready concepts. Remembering their names are difficult though. Let’s not talk about the Jurassic park.

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AR also creates an urge to study. watching 3D pictures which are also sensible to human senses amplify more understanding. The best part is growth to the independent studying. Using AR the students can independently focus and touch deeper concepts involved. The interaction of students with concept in virtual way water the seeds planted in brain.

Should AR replace paper books?

AR develops student’s brain deeper and also has some faulty issues. The issues are related to survival of mankind. Digital perspective harms the nurturing of human brain the way it limits the concepts. It also harms retinal corners and orientation towards enhancement in interaction. Reading textbooks enables us to study more related concepts too which is very important for future of the mankind. AR does enable physical interaction and also limits. So, AR should not completely replace textbooks instead they can be a part of education. AR is presently in a stage of computers in 1990’s and is getting future ready to the best.

Augmented reality is the ‘boy who cried wolf’ of the post-Internet world – it’s long been promised but has rarely been delivered in a satisfying way.

Om Malik

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