Zoox Is Now Acquired By Tesla

Zoox Is Now Acquired By Tesla

Tesla always looks forward for advancement in technologies with eco friendly nature and automation. There is no doubt about the tesla motor’s impressive performance and now in addition Tesla acquires Zoox. Elon musk leaves no doubt to surprise all of his staff with such news.

Zoox is a robotic company which is led by Australian artist Tim kentely-klay and is a silicon based family founded in year 2014. Zoox is a automation company which create robotic auto wheels and related automation. These robotics automobiles are almost human independent as it has no steering wheels, brakes or accelerators and is presently on ground level development. As a matter of fact the robotaxi model is the concept of  future.

Why did Tesla acquire zoox?

Such advance technology requires a lot of investment and man power which zoox lacks to the extent. At this point Elon finds a opportunity and Tesla acquires zoox. No doubt Elon has a broad business mind and bigger plans for Tesla and by the same token Tim.

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Presumably among 500 employees at least 80 employees are from tesla. Well the reason to acquire is quite straight. Tesla strangely fails to bring the notable high sensors in market at cheap prices. No doubt these sensors are too costly and less affordable on larger scale. Consequently Tesla acquired zoox for this elementary reason.

Furthermore, Triphati from Tesla quotes

Tesla has these vehicles that are supposed to be sold to customers, so that puts a limit on what kind of hardware we can bring in, what the cost will be. Tim’s approach is ‘we have to solve autonomy,’” he said. “That makes it a hell of a lot easier for hardware engineering to actually to do the things that are absolutely required and also in the right time frame. Some of these technologies may not be suitable for a mass-market consumer product, but they are necessary.”