Whatsapp Business App

Whatsapp Business App

After all the rumors and guesswork about the upcoming output of Facebook company known as “Whatsapp business”, Facebook made it official last month. conjectures have always showcased us something which is not true for a part but here is something which will help to grow your business along with ethics.Without any brouhaha let’s look into this business application.

What is “Whatsapp Business” all about?

Whatsapp business application is something which Facebook company is working on for a long time. It aims to connect business people with their clients and also connect to their employees through this virtual office. Businesses that sign up to join the platform will be able to use the service to provide their customers with updates about timings, confirmations and other info. Whatsapp business app is currently given only to beta testers and soon will be officially launched.

Older version of whatsapp will be replaced with Whatsapp Business app?


According to the current reports and supposition, Facebook has no plans to replace the older version of Whatsapp. Although they may look similar but no worries, Facebook has no plans to loose their huge audience just for cooperate people.

Whatsapp Business

Rumors from Facebook headquarters made a statement that Facebook will launch two whatsapp business apps to differentiate small enterprise and large sectors. Both the whatsapp UI (user interface) will be same as the current whatsapp version but with few more features.


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Green Tick

Well when Instagram and twitter are running into race of verified accounts then how will whatsapp stay back? Whatsapp business will be having an option to get verified. As for the companies that are already on board with WhatsApp Business, BookMyShow was reportedly the first Indian company to have gotten its WhatsApp account certified as a ‘verified business account’, as symbolized by a green tick next to its name. Other companies, like Ola, OYO Rooms and various private airlines are also reportedly all set to join the list in the days to come.

Official launch?

Facebook has not yet disclosed its official launch date but as earlier mentioned, Facebook is trying it on beta testers and more number of testers are took into consideration everyday. so it won’t be any late for the official launch of Whatsapp business.


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