3 smartphone myths which are not true

3 smartphone myths which are not true

You might have heard your friends saying you not to keep your smart phone on charge overnight. Discharge your phone completely once in two days and a lot. Let’s learn 3 Smartphone myths which are not true.

Smart phone myth – Jail breaking and rooting are illegal:

Rooting or jail breaking done to redevelop a new custom device.

Back in times very less people knew about jail breaking or rooting their device. we have heard usually that rooting your device is illegal which is not true.

Back in 2012, the US law of copyright exemption stated that it’s perfectly legal to jail break or root your device. unless you use it for downloading copyright content.  Yet the smart phone companies don’t want you to root your device and get complete access to all the capabilities, so they remove warranty if rooted.

Smart phone myth – Higher mega pixels showcases better camera: 


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Most of us judge the camera quality based on the mega pixels it has, while this is not true. MP is not the only thing which matters for a better camera quality.

Sensors and quality of lens used also matters. If your phone has higher MP and has bad quality of image processing and lenses then its of no use.

Smart phone myth – Full network bar indicates better service:

The number of bars that are displayed on smart phone is not the indicator of

quality of service. It indicates the signal strength from the cellular tower.

More number of devices when connected to network tower will lead to problems like call drops.

when you have less number of bars on your smart phone and also the numbers of devices connected to the cellular tower are less then you will face better call service and no network issues.


These are the basic 3 Smartphone myths which are not true and are based on rumors.

what are the technological myths you have been through? write down in comments.

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