Season 14 PUBG Rank Push – Conqueror Ranking Tips [Updated]

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PUBG mobile is one of the most played games in India and no doubt we all want to reach the conqueror rank and get the ultimate happiness. Getting PUBG Conqueror rank is not that difficult but it is possible. All it takes is dedication and smart moves. To reach conqueror rank, you need to change your gameplay accordingly and play smart. But how exactly you need to play to push PUBG rank? Should you play aggressively? Should you play safe? or should you strategize every single move?

No worries. You concentrate on the game, We have done the homework for you.

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Rank Fast in Season 14 PUBG


Developers of PUBG has never disclosed the ranking factors other than the rating points but from our observation, we have made the following ranking factors to boost your PUBG ranking –

  • Under top 10
  • The rank of players against you
  • The rank of players eliminated around you
  • KD ratio
  • Rating Points (RP) – The most important factor

It’s okay if you don’t kill any player and reach under the top 10. You will still have a higher score than the player who kills 5 other players and dies under the top 50. This is because the game is about surviving the battle to the end.

Killing other players is just a part of survival, so if you decide to play the pacifist and survive the game, you still get better rankings. This is the reason why PUBG also has a Pacifist title under it.

That doesn’t mean, you stop eliminating other players. We have stressed a lot about increasing the RP and to increase RP you need to make sure, you make most kills.

The rank of people against you also determines the rating points. The concept is higher the kill, the number of points increases. It is for sure understandable as killing players having a much higher rank only means defeating much better technique.

So, you make sure you keep rushing in the beginning and eliminating more number of players. This will increase your chances of getting more kills. Another advantage of rushing, in the beginning, is the easy kill. Complete RP missions to get advantages a

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Rank System in PUBG

PUBG ranking system is of a total of 32 ranks with 6 out of 8 ranks divided into 5 more individual sub ranks. Each rank has 5 tiers and to reach the next rank, you need to clear the 5 sub ranks.

Rank Tiers Points
Bronze 5 1200+
Silver 5 1700+
Gold 5 2200+
Platinum 5 2700+
Diamond 5 3200+
Crown 5 3700+
Ace 4200+
Conquerer Top 500

For example, the first most PUBG rank is Bronze, and to reach the next rank (Silver), you need to clear 5 sub ranks. These are Bronze 1 to Bronze 5. Similarly, for Silver rank, gold rank, platinum rank, Diamond rank, and Crown rank.

All of these sum up to 30 ranks and 2 other ranks (Ace and Conquerer) which totals up to 32 ranks. You need to win all these ranks one by one to reach the Conquerer rank and we will share how to win these ranks with tips shared by professional players.

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PUBG Rank Fall - Season 14

PUBG is a season-wise gaming platform where every new season, you get an updated competition. With every new season, the game updates with new features, and the competition increases. So, if you are holding PUBG diamond rank then you may fall down to Platinum rank or even Gold rank in some cases.

Each season lasts to the most for 4 months and within these 4 months, you need to reach the conquerer ranking. So, how do you boost your rank in PUBG? There is no other solution than playing from your current rank in season 14. You can get more engaging game experience by doing the RP missions and getting more kills.

Sadly, with every new season, the RP decreases along with the rank. So, to boost your PUBG Rp, you need to clear all the weekly and daily missions. When you clear these daily and weekly missions, you earn rating points at the end of every mission. Along with the RP points, you get emotes, gun skins, coupons, and more with daily and weekly RP missions. 

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Should You Play Aggressive, Safe, or Strategic?

The answer is strategic but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rush.

Always rush when the game begins to make the most number of kills. This is because there are a lot of players in the beginning. If you play safely at the start then you won’t have many kills and your RP will be low even if you make it under top 10.

This doesn’t mean, rush playing won’t need any strategizing. You need to make sure of where you are going and from where you will get a clear shot and more kills. Enter the buildings with grenades and smoke bombs, use vehicles and containers to take cover. But also stay at a distance from vehicles, as they may end up killing you when they blast.

So, when to play safe?

Once the number of players falls below 50, you need to slow down. Because these top 50 players are equally well with the game. So, you start strategizing a plan to play along the borders. This will help you kill easily as players rush from outside the zone and their health is already low. Also, if players are along the border just like you, they may make a lot of mistakes in order to rush in the safe zone. 

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Pro Player Tips - Season 14 Pubg Rank

If you have just begun playing, let me tell you to rush at the famous spots and make the most number of kills. Like Pochinki or Georgopol in Erangel Map. This will fetch you more kills and these places are full of arms and ammunition.

Play along the borders of the safe zone. This is the most important tip you need to follow. Playing around the borders of the safe zone will help you with easy kills and also they make it easier to aim from higher altitudes. But make sure once the speed of the safe zone decreases, you push yourself towards the center.

While you are approaching the center, always take cover over higher altitudes and buildings. This helps you to aim better and best if you have a scope. If you have long ranger snipers, use them at these higher altitudes and if you don’t have snippers, push yourself safely towards a building to aim.

pubg snippers

Note an important tip. Although altitudes are great for taking shots but don’t stay there for too long. It will be difficult to cover yourself if you are noted by other players in the center or on the back.

Use grenade, smoke bombs, and flash before entering the buildings. These will help you in getting the kills if you are lucky or at least footprints.

Keep vehicles around you. Always keep them at the windows of the building for quick escapes to the safe zone.

Getting a vehicle helps you in two ways:

  • Increase chances of killing.
  • Get in time for the safe zone.

While you are riding a vehicle, other players can be killed by just riding over them. If you have a car/jeep then the chances of killing can be more. While you are playing with the other teammates, the possibility of them killing opponents increases.

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While you have maintained your kill numbers and reached near to victory, death by the safe zone is a major disappointment. Maintaining scope at top of buildings for more time and using the vehicle near the building will help you reach the safe zone more quickly.

The last and most important tip –

Practice Practice and Practice!!

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