What is BECCS?

What is BECCS?

Life on Earth has become too sophisticated. It is all about carbon and its components. Why is that carbon is given so much of importance? Like there are other things too where Nitrogen and Sulfur are competing to be first. Carbon is released everywhere and seems to have a too bad impact on our atmosphere with less controlling facilities. Ozone is been a part of depletion because of the green house effect. This phenomenon is caused by penetration of carbon particles into the layer. BECCS is a technology used to solve carbon problems to an extent.

BECCS ( Bio energy carbon capture and storage) is a very fresh technology in science market. This technology is used to capture the carbon content to a limit and store it for other usage.

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How BECCS work?

Bio-energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is a future greenhouse gas mitigation technology which produces negative carbon dioxide emissions by combining bio energy with geologic carbon capture and storage. The carbon is captured just like the photosynthesis process.To achieve this integration of large number of trees and crops are done. The captured carbon can be later used as a CO2 injection for geological formations. This technique will help in reducing the carbon technique by reusing the present content. The two objects as a individual behind the concept is to create a clean and green environment.Second objective is to develop a new mechanism which can reduce the problems related to energy.

The carbon obtained will be utilized by power plants and bio gas production.

Applications of BECCS:

  1. Electrical Power plants: Combustion of biomass or bio fuel in steam or gas powered generators releases CO2 as a by-product.
  2. Heat power plants: Combustion of bio fuel for heat generation releases CO2 as a by-product.
  3. Pulp and paper mills:
  • CO2 produced in recovery boilers.
  • For gasification technologies, CO2 is produced during the gasification of black liquor and biomass such as the tree bark and woody.
  • Huge amounts of CO2 are also released by the combustion of syngas.

4. Bio gas production: In the bio gas upgrading process, CO2 is separated from the methane to produce a higher quality gas.

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Bio energy carbon capture storage will soon overcome all the problems which are led by the atmospheric carbon.The goal is to reuse the carbon present into something useful.It has been into development for long term and is expected to stand on its words. Many researches have been taking place from a huge time and many paper work have led to a conclusion of clean environment.

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